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WM Beautysystems AG & Co. KG is a German based international supplier of skin care cosmetics with a history started more than 30 years ago. Thus it has a profound experience in the cosmetic industry. Wellmaxx® and DeveePremium® stand for beauty and well-being. Sophisticated care cosmetics as well as cosmetic devices branded LifTmee® ensure a comprehensive and professional beauty range for our customers. Our passion and expertise for high quality cosmetics coupled with an innovative skin care technology, make them unique in the market and exceed customers’ expectations. The brands and cosmetics are being marketed successfully, both nationally and internationally in over 24 countries across EMEA. Our customer base in Germany includes >300 privately owned, franchised beauty studios and more than 2,000 professional beauty salons/online shops.

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Wellmaxx ® and DeveePremium ® stand for skin care cosmetics with an innovative and efficient active-ingredient concept. The philosophy and the target is to effectively fight skin aging based on a innovative concentration of state-of-the-art and high-quality ingredients. Wellmaxx ® offers seven skin care series for the sales and distribution to the offline and online cosmetics beauty market. One of the 7 bestseller series is our hyaluronic acid line - the power of moisture for a vital, smooth skin! It provides effective support to optimize the skin's elasticity and firmness. Once used you won't miss it anymore. The premium brand Devee ® currently offers three series, amongst them the luxury line with CAVIAR extract- a skin care of unsurpassed luxury for your skin! The outstanding effective impact of the noble CAVIAR series is underscored even further by excellent convenience of use and a selected fragrance composition.
phase² solution concentrates

Simply doubly beautiful...phase² concentrates combine the latest systems of active ingredients with high-quality oils to set new standards for radiantly well-groomed skin. Potent impact, with twice the beauty effect. This innovative combination of high-and very low-molecular-weight, together with cross-linked hyaluronic acid, not only increases the skin's resistance but also has a lasting effect on deeper layers of the skin, ensuring maximum moisturizing and filling effects.

Devee Premium Caviar luxury skin care cosmetics

Luxury has a name. DEVEE CAVIAR Cosmetics, a skin care of unsurpassed luxury for your skin! The outstanding effective impact of the noble CAVIAR is underscored even further by excellent convenience of use and a selected fragrance composition. Valuable caviar extract embedded in a marine complex provides everything you seek in anti-aging series: your skin looks firmed and freshly strenghtened.The texture is particular lightweight and silky soft. A deluxe-skin-care series for daily use.

hyaluron collagen booster serum

The silky serum performs double duty to restructure and bolster the skin. Along with the higly effective hyaluronic acid, a high-performing tripeptide booster activates collagen synthesis that can improve the skin's own elasticity. With each drop, the great texture of this skin care cosmetics provides smoother, younger-looking skin, invigorating the skin with lasting anti-wrinkle effects.

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DEVEE Premium Skin Care - Caviar Luxury Cosmetics
DEVEE® CAVIAR: Luxury, cellular protection and energetic regeneration of skin

DEVEE®, the high-quality brand made in Germany, offers luxurious cosmetic treatment with active ingredients that produce visible effects. Just as hyaluronic acid ranks prominently among today's active ingredients with anti-ageing properties, retinol also has excellent anti-ageing potential.
The current CAVIAR care series is based on highly effective complexes of active ingredients – combined to create the very latest formulas, dermatologically tested, developed in modern laboratories and produced exclusively in Germany.

Seductions from the sea
The new DEVEE® CAVIAR series combines exquisite, nutritious caviar with an efficient, marine-based active ingredient technology.
Maritime active ingredients are of a pristine, original purity. Combined based on the latest scientific findings, they can develop their full potential. High-energy, fine caviar, ideal wrinkle fillers made from Breton plankton, vitamin- and nutrient-rich turquoise algae with antioxidant effects, and marine collagen combine to give the skin a new quality and provide an immediate anti-wrinkle effect.
The vitalizing luxury components stimulate and renew key functions of the skin by nourishing the skin with valuable proteins, minerals, trace elements and deep-acting moisture. Thanks to this energy boost, the 3D structure of the skin is supported, and the complexion looks filled from beneath. The skin is youthfully elastic-looking, with new firmness and vitality.

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Wellmaxx phase² solution concentrates - The beauty solution with potential
Wellmaxx® phase² solution concentrates: The beauty solution with potential

With phase² solution concentrates, the Wellmaxx® cosmetics brand is extending its range by adding a new ampoule series that offers an optimal solution for every skin need. Modern, highly effective active ingredients in combination with high- and very low-molecular-weight, together with cross-linked hyaluronic acid form effective elixirs for different skin needs. Mixed immediately before use, the efficient active ingredients and nourishing oils in the phase² solution concentrates develop their maximum potential.

Different solutions - one expert for active ingredients
The phase² solution concentrates contain documented ingredients with proven results; they are natural and therefore very well-tolerated. The high-quality ampoules thus fit seamlessly into the Wellmaxx® philosophy, which stands for cosmetics with a highly efficient care concept at the highest level. Innovative active ingredients representing state-of-the-art research give these product series by Wellmaxx®, the expert for active ingredients, their unmistakable character. With state-of-the-art ingredients and exquisite oils, the phase² solution concentrates once again set new standards for radiantly beautiful skin.

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Wellmaxx Skineffect - Symbiosis of dermatology and cosmetics
Wellmaxx® skineffect medical beauty redefines the skin

The new series normalizes and soothes sensitive skin which has lost its balance. As medically oriented cosmetics, the seven products contain no synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, petroleum-based raw materials or PEG derivatives. An independent dermatological institute confirms the compatibility for sensitive skin.
Wellmaxx ® skineffect combines the best in cosmetics and dermatology. Redness and irritation can subside, the skin’s resistance is strengthened as a whole and the complexion improved.

Lifting properties, new cellular energy and protection
Solving specific issues such as sensitive or overpigmented skin calls for highly concentrated active-ingredient complexes. In addition, skineffect improves the basic functions of the skin, such as elasticity, vigor and suppleness.
Dipeptides that occur naturally in the body promote the creation of an intact skin structure with a stable moisture level, for a firm complexion with improved volume. An extract from the heart-leaved globe daisy protects the skin’s stem cells. It reduces redness and restores the skin’s natural radiance. To provide a stress-protection program for the cells, a revitalizing extract from the resurrection plant counteracts the first signs of skin aging.

Complete program for cleansing, care and intensive care
Sensitive skin conditions, extremely dry skin or even pigmentation problems occur regardless of skin type and age. The skineffect medical beauty not only soothes the reactions of sensitive skin but also stimulates controlled skin renewal. That is why the products are ideally suited for pre- and post-treatment with apparatus-based methods such as micro needling or dermabrasion (see also the separate press release on these two skineffect salon treatments).

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