About us

For several years now we offer high-end-cosmetics for professional requirements.

As one of the first and leading manufacturers for growth-stimulating lash-and-eyebrow serums we have made a name for ourselves and won our customers trust.

Our assortment of products has developed continuously to a synchronized spectrum of decorative and nourishing cosmetic products. Valuables for eyes, lips and skin!

Our ingredients and formulations are constantly revised and improved.

We stand behind these principles and want to invite you to find out more about our NUTRA- world.

Products and services

Nutralash Eyelash Formula 2.0, Nuvega Lash, Nutrabrow Eyebrow Enhancer, Nutralash Mascara, Nutralash Waterproof Mascara, Nutralash Volume Lash Creme, Nutrabrow Eyebrow Shape & Fill, Nutralash Eyeliner, Nutrakiss Lip Gloss, Nutrakiss Lip Plumper, Nutraskin Vitamin C Serum, Nutraskin Hyaluron Water, Nutraskin Concealer, Nutraskin Super Wear HD Foundation.

Nuvega Lash

Nuvega Lash is ideal for harnessing the full potential of your eyelashes with regard to length, thickness, fullness and flexibility, Nuvega - a special vegan ingredient complex- not only extends the growth cycle of your lashes, but also nourishes and stimulates the hair cells.
Nuvega Lash - the state- of- the- art revitalization serum for eyelashes.

Nutraskin Super Wear HD Foundation

The almost invisible Nutraskin HD Super Wear protects your skin and brings you a fresh glow like after a day at fresh air. We offer three nuances that can be easily mixed to achieve your own skin tone.Nano-cacao and goji berry protect your skin, vitamins and minerals bring moisture and have a smoothing effect.

Nutraskin Silk & Smooth Concealer

Nutraskin Silk & Smooth Concealer neutralizes small imperfectios, highly concentrated extracts of black and white tea protect, regenerate and renew
your skin. Your skin gets protection, irritations and imperfections are not only covered but treated.

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Marcus von Berg
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News & Innovations

Nutracosmetic App

With the Nutracosmetic App you will be able to mix in a few easy steps your unique color-tone for Silk & Smooth Concealer and HD Super Wear Foundation.

Come by and find out how !

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