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We are specialized in distribution of cosmetic products and devices. Our innovative product range is rounded off by a diverse training program that teaches you the techniques of cosmetic treatments. Here you will find the products around the topic of beauty and anti-aging. Your great advantage: all products are tested in advance in our two studios in Germany. Some products have even emerged out of the treatment...

> For the USA we are looking for trainers.

- Producer of plasma pen, hyaluron pen.
- Exclusive distributor of LI pigments in Germany, Slowenia, Serbia, Switzerland.
- Several material for Permanent Make-Up, Microblading treatment.
- Machine for Scalp pigmentation with patented needles, that only goes 0,5 mm into the skin up to - very unique!
- BB glow treatment > BM Glow Colours for a professional shine.

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Products and services

PlasM - Plasma pen - TÜV EMV approved

HyaM - Hyaluron pen

BM colours - LI pigments - exclusive distributor Germany

BM Glow Colours (BB glow treatment) Made in Germany

BM uniQue - Permanent make up & scalp pigmentation
PlasM - plasmapen

- Plasmapen made in Germany - produced by us (BM colours GmbH)

- TÜV EMV certified

- Check our excellent results with our German Plasmapen.

- We are looking for distributors - private labeling also possible.

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BM uniQue | permanent make up and scalp pigmentation

BM uniQue - different patents - this machine is a revolution, because you get the colour very easy into the skin. No crust or only very, very loss and no colour losing after healing.

For the scalp pigmentation we have patented needles - which goes maximum 0,5 mm into the skin. So no colour losing and changing.

> Distributors are welcome.

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BM Glow Colours

BM glow colours - BB glow treatment | made in Germany by BM colours GmbH.

> We are looking for distributors - private labeling also possible.

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BM colours GmbH
Bruchstr. 29/30
39576 Stendal

Phone: +49 3931 4104989
Internet: www.bmcolours.com
E-mail: Send message

Contact person

Birgit Möller
Phone: +49 1577 7532643
E-mail: Send message

News & Innovations

BM Glow Colours (BB treatment)
BM Glow Colours - BB glow treatment Serums made in Germany by BM colours GmbH.
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Scalp Pigmentation with BM Unique
A patented technology - with a needle that goes max. 0,5 mm into the skin you are now able to create wonderful filigree hair and eyebrows.
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